Top Technology/Quality Assurance/In-time Delivery/Win-win Strategy
--Professional R&D Team
CPX built up a professional R&D team of foreign and domestic engineers with rich experience in the industries of the switches and lithium battery and brushless control module design. The technical know-how level of CPX is unanimously recognized in international professional power tool companies. Leading Technology is the strongest part of CPX strength.
--Rigorous quality management system
CPX has established a strict and advanced quality management system to carry out strict quality control of R&D, testing, project follow-up management, trial-manufacturing of new products, production management, quality management, abnormal handling, etc., to first ensure the leading technology , at the same time to stabilize the consistency of batch supply, all these can resolve the customer's worries behind, CPX is the best partner to solve the disadvantages when International enterprises tried to work together with Chinese suppliers in the past, while mostly they are no process control, poor management, inconsistent batch supply.
--Adequate laboratory capability
Having the aid of the test equipment of AC and DC testers and inspecting appliances from former CAPAX, and more new advanced AC / DC switch function testers, DC endurance testers, application testers……, bought step by step in the process of the cooperation with big customers for years. CPX can guarantee to provide customers the safe and reliable testing qualified products by fully test AC and DC switches including trigger switches, micro-switches, push button switches and so on. 
That’s the reason why CPX team set-up good reputation in big customers, CPX keep high samples pass rate and never try on customers before they fully passed the internal tests.
--Sustainable Advanced Technology
CPX set up a separate PIE team. They study hard, with unceasingly the enterprising habit, keep improving, promote continuously the technology level. They have made outstanding contributions in order to ensure high efficiency, high quality, low labor costs. In recent years, in order to solve the problems of rising labor costs and remain competitiveness, they accumulated rich experience for the design and manufacturing the automated production equipment.
--Reliable supply chain assurance
By means of the supply chain localization, diversification, healthy competition, strategic cooperation, and so on, CPX reduced the cost of materials to the most reasonable level and closely follow-up and control on the Lead Time and Quality of all the parts and materials. Through years of cooperation, CPX gradually realize the reasonable inventory management and strict incoming material control method, tried the best to guarantee the production quality.
Reliable supply chain assurance is one of the most competitive parts of CPXTE.