Top Technology/Quality Assurance/In-time Delivery/Win-win Strategy
--Professional R&D Team
CPX built a professional R&D team of foreign and domestic engineers with rich experiences in switching, lithium battery and brushless control module design. CPX is unanimously recognized by International professional power tool companies.  Leading Technology is the strongest part of CPX’s strength.
--Rigorous quality management system
CPX has established a strict and advanced quality management system to provide quality control of our R&D processes, incoming inspection of materials, testing, project management, ESL & MSL manufacturing of new products, and production management.
--Adequate laboratory capability
CPX has a full compliment of AC & DC load & life testing equipment under UL61058, including AC/DC switch function equipment, an DC endurance & application equipment.  We are a Witness Laboratory of ENEC and are recognized by DEKRA.  CPX provides safe, reliable, and accurate testing across our entire product portfolio.  We have established a good reputation with our customers for providing tested and proven switching products.
--Sustainable Advanced Technology
CPX set up a separate Production and Industrial Engineering (PIE) team.  This team is unceasing in their enterprising sprit, promoting continuous improvements in technology, high efficiency, and high quality, while maintaining low labor costs.  These have been achieved through their rich experiences in implementing the design & implementation of automated production equipment.
--Reliable supply chain assurance
CPX maintains reliable and consistent quality from our suppliers managed by our quality management system.  Through our efforts of supply chain localization, diversification, promotion of healthy competition & strategic cooperation, CPX has been able to maintain and even reduce the cost & lead times of our raw materials, while improving quality.  The quality also extends to our inventory management system and strict incoming material controls.  The result is higher quality and more value for our customers.